WATERMANS AQUA-ARMOR: The Sport Sunscreen Choice of Triathletes


Watermans is proud to say that it’s a brand preferred by sports and surf enthusiasts around the world, especially amongst triathletes. Why do triathletes love our product so much? It’s a result of our broad-spectrum, water resistant formulation that doesn't block pores – which assists in increasing endurance.

Watermans Resists Sweat and Water

One of the reasons Watermans is preferred by triathletes is that our AQUA-ARMOR sunscreens are so good at resisting water, including sweat. In fact, AMA Labs developed a tough test to gauge the AQUA-ARMOR system’s effectiveness for 8 hours immersed in water –this test later became an industry standard. The result: AMA certified the our product worked at a nearly full SPF (97%) rating while immersed for 8 hours. These products won’t sweat off into your eyes, irritating them, or wash away. Thus, Waterman’s patented AQUA-ARMOR system is effective in keeping the sun from damaging skin despite water, ice, snow, and sweat.

Watermans Protects from Sunburn

UVA rays cause aging and cell damage, while UVB rays lead to burning and even blistering. But in addition to causing long-term damage to your skin, sunburn can be painful and distracting. Even a slight amount of sunburn means that your body has to compensate and use up energy to fight the damage. This, in turn, negatively impacts endurance.

In addition, inflamed skin can lead to faster dehydration. Watermans sunscreens, simply because they’re so good at what they’re designed to do: help triathletes feel their best and perform their best, whether they’re training for their first event or doing an Ironman.

Watermans Lets Your Skin Breathe

Watermans sunscreens are non-comedogenic, oil-free, and paraben-free. This means our sport sunscreens don’t feel sticky when they’re applied and protect the skin without clogging pores. More importantly, they don’t clog your pores. Clogged pores don’t allow your skin to “breathe” properly - skin is less effective at removing toxins, sweat and oil, and at absorbing moisture it needs. This leads to the very real possibility that you might overheat, especially when participating in high-energy physical activities. Watermans formulas help break down the excess oils on your skin without stripping your skin cells of the necessary moisture and nutrients they need to keep your body in peak condition.

The fact is, Watermans is preferred by triathletes and coaches because its protective yet breathable qualities lead to more endurance, better performance, and safer conditions for your body and mind. If you’re a competitive athlete or just a for-fun weekend warrior, give yourself an edge with Watermans sport sunscreen!


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